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Missed Connections

Missed Connections 

Add titles and line breaks to some of the most tantalizing short posts we discovered on Craigslist's Missed Connections, and Voila! -- you have found twitter poems telling tales of romantic misadventures, lost opportunities, and broken hearts. We reimagine the backstories using a collage of special effects behind actors reciting the poems as monologues in front of a green screen to create a freewheeling compendium of hope, despair, delusion, disaster, and cross-purposes on the myriad broken roads to love.

Missed Calls (May, 2017)

The first in Outlier Moving Pictures new series of found tweet poems, "Missed Connections," based on posts to Craigslist’s “Missed Connections" page, “Missed Calls” features Vanischa Stephens #vanischa_thatgirl reenacting a post about an Oops! — regretting having blown off a request for a phone number during an encounter on a bus.

Tongue Tied (May 2017)

The second in Outlier Moving Pictures new series of found tweet poems based on posts to Craigslist’s “Missed Connections,” “Tongue-tied” features Eli Weinberg @black__jellybean @wireboytapes reenacting a post about being dumbstruck by pretty eyes.

Blind Spots (September 2017)

A traffic safety instructional film helps us understand the blind spots and pitfalls that can doom a relationship ... fun to watch, but painful for the participants.

Selective Perception (December 2017)

When the hormone and endorphins cocktail induced selective perception stupor wears off and you discover you may have way too much in common with your new love's discarded ex, this may be how you end up.

Cause and Effect (November 2017)

IOutlier Moving Pictures is pleased to present “Cause and Effect,” the fifth in our series of film poems based on found tweet poems (constrained by the character limit for twitter posts) discovered on Craigslist’s “Missed Connections.” “Cause and Effect” is a meditation on whether a chemical reaction is a good metaphor for how the bonds of a relationship form and dissolve. Featuring Kat Hammond @mypetkat, with casting by Victoria Prescott

Ambivalence (December 2017)

The melodrama of "should I stay or should I go?"

Sushi (January 2018)

One of seven experimental found poetry stories, "Sushi" features Victoria Prescott re-enacting a post to Craiglist's Missed Connections by a woman who anonymously exposes the details of her bitter breakup to random readers, echoing the catharsis attained by the lovelorn donation of exhibits to the now closed Museum of Broken Relationships.

Will there be more?

We haven't completed a new episode since 2018, and Craigs List doesn't resonate as it did, but we still haven't decided whether we put this series to rest, do a reprise, or reimagine it somehow. 

Something new could be coming ...

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