Bad Rhymes/Duel Lament
Bad Rhymes/Duel Lament

Usually Jack is the poet in the Outlier outfit, but Pam wrote a poem of her own in response to one of Jack's, which interleave in their newest film poem and explains the dual title: Bad Rhymes/Duel Lament. Jack and Pam met in graduate school, made films together when they were young, went their separate ways, reconnected years later, and began making films together again. This is the story of love and loss behind that simple story, triggered by the poem Jack wrote in memoriam, about some songs of Leon Russell's, marking the occasion when he learned about the death of the music legend. Pam's poem appears in subtitles, so you see a few of her lines in the frame stills below. Jack's poem is recited on the audio track, so you'll have to wait until our film is finished to hear his lines, and the full details of both of our versions of the story.

Bad Rhymes/Duel Lament framestill, work in progress 2019
Additional frame stills
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