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About us

Pam Falkenberg and Jack Cochran, the collaborators behind the name

Jack Cochran and Pam Falkenberg are making personal films together again, this time under the name Outlier Moving Pictures. They hope their new films will be worthy of the name -- avoiding the usual patterns and approaching their subject matter from the margins (which sounds better than saying that as filmmakers they're oddballs and cranks). Pam and Jack met in graduate school and made films together when they were young. Jack went on to become a professional cinematographer working out of LA and London, while Pam stayed in the Midwest, where she was a college professor and independent filmmaker before dropping out to work in visual display. Their first film together is based on Jack's short poems. Next is a film about the North Dakota landscape and Teddy Roosevelt. Then, a bevy of short shorts. After those, several poetry films and a couple of experimental music videos. Most recently, they've collaborated with acclaimed writer Lucy English on an experimental triptych about climate change and the environment, "I Want to Breathe Sweet Air," and started on their first feature, "The Loneliest Road in America: 50 short films about US Route 50 Nevada." Then, who knows?

Want to know a little more? Check our our biographies or read our full directors' statement.

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