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The Loneliest Road in America: 

50 short films about U.S. 50 Nevada

Jack at the Nevad border, holding up his Loneliest Road Survival Passport
The Loneliest Road in America:
50 Short Films About U.S. 50 Nevada

In July 1986, around the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, Life Magazine put out an issue about "America the Wondrous," which named Nevada US Route 50 "the loneliest road in America" and quoted AAA as saying, "it has no points of interest" and "we don't recommend it." More than 35 years later, this story piqued our curiosity, and Outlier Moving Pictures decided to reinvestigate with a road picture, an offbeat documentary collage with a picaresque experimental structure, loosely inspired by François Girard's "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" and Jergen Leth's "60 Scenes from America," and comprising a mosaic of answers to the question, "Just how lonely is it now?"

We've been out on location shooting twice now, and plan to go back twice more, after an unforeseen delay while we sheltered in place during the pandemic, which we've used to write a grant and edit some sample footage.  Next up, maps and models! Toy wagon train, here we come! We hope to be back on the road again in September to start the next phase of principal photography.

Recent news about The Loneliest Road in America

The grant has been submitted, along with a work sample from the project, which includes four segments demonstrating our overall strategy: the introductory title sequence, and three of the fifty short films, "Post Cards from the Past," "Our Love Affair with the Road," and "Cruisin' the Strip in Ely, NV: It Ain't Los Vegas." 


We hope to complete our film in 2021-2022:

Watch our sample below:

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