Trailers and teasers

The Cost of Living Trailer

This is the trailer for The Cost of LIving, an experimental essay film inspired by polaroid stills and short poems, a personal mashup that combines found footage, animation, special effects, and a collage of audio sources with live action footage in an associative melange. We are in the process entering our film in festivals, which mostly won't accept submissions that are available for viewing on the internet. So, for a tongue in cheek taste of what the film is like, we invite you to watch our short preview. If you are excited about seeing the whole film, we hope you will contact us.

Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking Trailer

This is the trailer for Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking (October 2017, 29:59), an experimental documentary essay about the North Dakota landscape, both then and now -- contrasting the relatively untouched areas with the fracked landscape, and comparing the fracking boom, bust, and boom with the cattle ranching boom of the 1880's, which Teddy observed first hand and which eventually led him to become the "conservation President." Now the landscape Teddy loved is being fracked -- within sight of the National Park that bears his name.

Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking Teaser 1

Our first teaser for Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking is one segment of the film, providing a taste of what the film as a whole is like -- no voice over narration, no reenactments using actors, no musical score. Instead our film lets the landscape, the soundscape, and the prescient poetry of Teddy's own words tell of the story of the North Dakota landscape then and now, contrasting the relatively untouched natural areas with the fracked landscape, and using that contrast to demonstrate the need for conservation.

Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking Teaser 2

Another sample segment of Teddy Roosevelt and Fracking.

Viento Nocturno (Night Wind) Trailer

In 1995, Jack Cochran directed and shot this video adaptation of an autobiographical one act play written and performed by Hector Aristizabal. In 1982, Hector and his brother were abducted from their home in Columbia by the U.S. supported military, and for a week they endured physical and psychological torture. While Hector was released after his ordeal, his brother was disappeared. Hector escaped poverty to became a counseling psychologist, as well as an actor and a writer, but was eventually forced to emigrate to the U.S. to escape threats of violence in his own country. Years later, Hector was allowed to collect his brother's remains. As a result, Hector has had to contend with "the terrorist within." Jack's stark, almost monochromatic cinematography amplifies Hector's performance and the play's already powerful story.

Viento Nocturno (Night Wind) was funded by grants to Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama and Film, and was screened at a number of film festivals. Hector continues to perform the one act play, and some of his performances are available as videos posted to YouTube. If you are interested in seeing Viento Nocturno in its entirely, please contact Jack at Please be aware that, while this new trailer was edited in HD, Viento Nocturno was shot in standard definition, and looks better on smaller screens.

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