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Cancer Alley

Cancer Alley title card EN.jpg
Cancer Alley (2023)
Frame Still from title shot 

Our newest collaboration with renowned poet Lucy English combines footage shot on location In Cancer Alley with images of nature, especially cypress groves, which are as fragile and as threatened as the Cancer Alley communities. The visuals are accompanied by a poem about what it is like to live in the small towns near the Mississippi River, between East Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which are now dominated by more than 200 chemical plants and oil refineries, sometimes literally located in residents' back yards. The cypress trees can live for more than 1000 years, if they are not chopped down for cypress mulch or their habitat destroyed. Human lifespans are much shorter, but we may not survive as a species unless we stop living as if all that matters is today, and learn to think on the time scale of the trees.

Our film is still showing in festivals, but you can watch our trailer here.

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The tail credits of our film include a link to let viewers learn more about Cancer Alley and the making of our film., which will live here on this webpage.


Link to Cancer Alley Shooting Notes for Lucy

Link to learn more about Cancer Alley and environmental injustice, the data base of articles we collected while we were working on our film: Cancer Alley links

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