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Climate Anxiety

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Climate Anxiety, Jan. 2022
(frame still)

We've been concerned about environmental issues since we were counter-cultural activists in the 1960's and1970's. We started making films about environmental destruction and climate change in 2015, when we reunited and formed Outlier Moving Pictures. In those few short years, we have become increasingly alarmed about just how much more quickly our climate has changed than predicted by reputable scientists in even this short time. Then we were caught in the Snowpocalypse in Texas in February 2021, and watched news coverage of the intense floods, fires, droughts, storms, and melting icecaps that has dominated much of the news in the spring and summer of 2021. By autumn, Pam realized she was suffering from climate anxiety, and soon discovered that she wasn't alone -- national news media were reporting that climate anxiety had become quite common.

We decided to make a film about it. This is our small call to action. While it is true that individually we can do very little, each of us must still do what we can. If all of us who are anxious about a climate apocalypse do this, we can become a collective force for large scale action to improve future outcomes. We owe it to our children and grandchildren, and the biosphere as a whole, to stand together for change.


We will start submitting our film to festivals on Jan. 15, 2022, and we will announce news of any screenings on our social media. 


Until then, we are sharing the database of articles we've been collecting on the topics of climate change and climate action, which offers information and suggestions about the problem and solutions:

Watch the trailer for "Climate Anxiety" here.

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