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Such Complexity/Air & Wood

Such Complexity poster w 3 laurels.jpg
Such Complexity/Air & Wood, 2021
(Poster using title frame still)

"Such Complexity/Air & Wind" uses text, along with variable shutter speeds, a camera unexpectedly alternating between fixed and unfettered positions, time dilation and compression, and editing patterns in dialectic with the rhythms of the music, to create an uncanny synesthesia both metaphoric and concrete, a visual poem for the forest produced by sound.

Jack's erasure poem, "Such Complexity," extracted from "The Secret Wisdom of Nature," by Peter Wohlleben," adds another dimension to our experimental music video, "Air & Wood," inspired by "Luft und Holz II," a new music composition by Ezzat Nashashibi, performed by the Ensemble New Babylon (Chloe L'Abbé, flute, and Martin Abendroth, clarinet), suggesting that forest ecosystems (and ecosystems in general) are so complex and interrelated that our best understanding should tell us, not to try to master and fix them, but to leave them untouched as much as possible.

"Such Complexity/Air & Wood" is still out on the festival circuit, but you can watch our promo trailer for our film here

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