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LoveTenuousFugacious w 2 laurels.jpg
LoveTenuousFugacious (December 2016)

What are the limits of passionate love? That is the space LoveTenuousFugacious marks out for itself in a freewheeling but brief collage that begins with an explication of Hook's law; then, in no more than a minute, veers from grand technicolor moments to circumscribed instants, from distant cataclysm to a barely perceptible intake of breath, an enduring specificity, a memory. 


LoveTenuousFugacious, is the second #twitterpoem posted on Outlier Moving Pictures' tweetpoems Twitter page (@tweetcinepoem). Our definition of a #twitterpoem is a poem, poem series, or film poem constrained by Twitter's 140 characters and posted on Twitter.

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