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Missed Connections Anthology
Missed Connections poster w 5 laurels hi
Missed Connections Anthology (2018)
frame still w/laurels

Add titles and line breaks to seven of the most tantalizing posts we discovered on Craigslist Missed Connections, and Voila! -- you have found poems telling tales of romantic misadventures, lost opportunities, and broken hearts. Cast actors to recite the poems as a monologue in front of a green screen, and then create an experimental, free-wheeling, special effects laden collage behind each of them. Use that mise-en-scène to imagine the backstory of hope, despair, delusion, disaster, and cross-purposes that led, in each of these instances, to a public and yet anonymous soul baring exposé shared with a voyeuristic audience that mostly does not include the one-and-only to whom the post was directed, and you have Outlier Moving Pictures most recent film, "Missed Connections Antholgy," a whirlwind tour -- in less than eight and a half minutes -- of the perils and pitfalls of millennial romance.

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