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Street Level/The Concrete Landscape

Street Level.jpg
Street Level/The Concrete Landscape, April 2022

British personal finance platform ranks Austin the No.1 city in the world for people hunting for a new place to live,” replacing previously top ranked London, according to CultureMap Austin (11/18/2021), just one of many sources first trumpeting news of Austin’s meteoric rise to the top of the city popularity charts, followed by plummeting just as quickly back down, due to the consequences of its success. Austin has been our filmmaking base since 2014, so we were there to see just what that rise and fall looks like, now documented in our our newest film, “Street View/The Concrete Landscape.” We turn multiple, restless, exploratory cameras on our hometown, combined with a jarring soundscape and poetic commentary extracted from J. G. Ballard’s dystopian science fiction novel, High Rise, and top it all off with a cacophonous soundscape and a profusion of fragmented views and digital transitions that crashed our editing programs multiple times, with the intent of shifting perceptions.

Watch the trailer for "Street Level" here.

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