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The Cost of Living

Cost Of Living Title w 14 laurels___.jpg
The Cost of Living (2016)
(frame still of title card w/laurels)

Inspired by polaroid stills and short poems by Jack Cochran, The Cost of Living is the first film produced by Jack and filmmaking partner Pamela Falkenberg. Cost is an experimental personal film mashup that ranges from everyday situations and individual biography (such as meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time, finding a used condom on the front curb, or overhearing a conversation in a coffee shop) to modern problems (such as the place of love in hookup culture, using new vocabularies as insulation against harsh post 9/11 realities, and finding beauty in a broken world). Found footage, animation, special effects, and a collage of audio sources combine with live action footage in ways perhaps not possible before the ubiquity of the internet and the affordability of high quality HD video equipment. However, the working method of filmmakers, poets, and musicians such as Chris Marker, Sarah Polley, Terence Nance, Leonard Cohen, and Neko Case provide some touchstones and context for Pam and Jack’s working methods.

We are still entering our film into festivals, which usually won't consider programming anything that is available openly on the internet. But you can watch our preview. If you would like to see more, contact us.

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