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The Virus Cross Country
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The Virus Cross Country, 2020
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Jack started writing a poem about the pandemic just as the lockdown started. While practicing social distancing, we turned his poetic chronicle into a film as we travelled between our homes in Austin, TX, and Rockford, IL, and doom scrolled the COVID-19 news on the internet, social media, and our neighborhood apps. We thought Jack's poem was finished when Texas and Illinois opened up agian back in late May/early June 2020, but he had to write a coda and we continued to film during the Black Lives Matters protests, the resurgence of the virus, and the dangerous use of federal forces in American cities. We can't foresee how all this will end, but we imagine the timeline we trace will be even more chilling to comprehend in retrospect.

Our newest film, which we couldn't have imagined: as is often the case, truth really is stranger than fiction ... and a wake-up call.

See our trailer here.

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