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Twitterpoems #twitterpoem

What is a "twitterpoem?" Outlier Moving Pictures' definition of a twitterpoem is a poem, poem series, or film poem constrained by Twitter's 140 character limit and posted on Twitter. #twitterpoem was already a thing on Twitter long before we started our twitterpoem project, which became evident as soon as we searched Twitter for that hashtag, but our usage is somewhat more rigorous, as Twitter users of the #twitterpoem often flout the character limit by attaching a photo of a typed or handwritten poem that is longer than the 140 charater Tweet limit. Our Twitter poems will be an occational series of short poems, which will first be published on the Twitter page we created just for this purpose, tweetpoems, @tweetcinepoem, but then posted here on our website. 

Bereavement (September 2016)

Bereavement is the first poetry film of a #twitterpoem ( @tweetcinepoem) by filmmaking duo Jack Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg. The recent death of Jack's older brother and a photo of the tomb he received from his sister-in-law, the finality of the names and dates, occasions a lament via a family history photo review at once personal and universal. This is the first of what is planned to be an occasional series of short film poems, aka twitterpoems. Bereavement was first posted on our tweetpoems site ( [@tweetcinepoem]), so it meets our own definition. 

Hastings (October 2016)

Pam Falkenberg and Jack Cochran's experimental filmpoem about the suspicious death of an investigative reporter working on politically sensitive stories who died in a car crash a few blocks from the poet’s house in LA. Originally posted in two parts, as two of a series of twitter poems (poems that are constrained by the 140 character limit of Twitter and untimately posted to Outlier Moving Pictures' @cinetweetpoem Twitter page and, but reunited here as a single film.

LoveTenuousFugacious (December 2016)

"LoveTenuousFugacious," is the second #twitterpoem posted on Outlier Moving Pictures' tweetpoems Twitter page (@tweetcinepoem). Our definition of a #twitterpoem is a poem, poem series, or film poem constrained by Twitter's 140 characters and posted on Twitter. What are the limits of passionate love? That is the space "LoveTenuousFugacious" marks out for itself in a freewheeling but brief collage that begins with an explication of Hook's law; then, in no more than a minute, veers from grand technicolor moments to circumscribed instants, from distant cataclysm to a barely perceptible intake of breath, an enduring specificity, a memory.

Indurate Heart (February 2017)

"Indurate Heart," a film poem based on Jack Cochran's twitter poem (a short poem constrained by Twitter's 140 character limit), laments the hard truth that having known a great love is both a model and an obstacle once that love is lost.

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